Connecting a vibrant and contemporary art-focused group.

Membership of the Govett-Brewster Foundation connects you to a vibrant contemporary art-focused group, centred in Ngāmotu-New Plymouth, with members from across Aotearoa-New Zealand.

Collectively we focus our energy and support on bold targeted projects, including commissions and acquisitions, which enhance the programme and experiences for visitors to the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery | Len Lye Centre.

Your annual membership  plays a key part in enabling us to back the gallery’s bolder work programme, providing an essential extra layer of support alongside our core investment from the New Plymouth District Council.


As a Member, you enjoy a portfolio of exclusive benefits. These include a personalised membership card that opens doors and unlocks discounts. You’ll have unlimited free access to the gallery and an ongoing 10% discount off purchases from the gallery store. You’ll be invited to member-only exhibition previews, gallery talks, contemporary art events and tours both within New Zealand and internationally. Plus you’ll receive regular email updates from both the Foundation and gallery team.

You’ll feel proud to have contributed to making a major work possible, for locals and visitors to experience.  


Andrew Patterson
Bernard Leuthart & Kat McDonnell
Bruce & Tina Qin
Bryce & Delwyn Barnett
Carol Thompson
Casey & Richard Martin
Chris Herlihy
Dan Du Bern
Darrin & Anna Muggeridge
David and Leasa MacLeod
Deb & Pete Melody
Dianne Mason & Alec Butler
Dion Tuuta & Rose Waetford
Gavin White & Chrissy Doyle
Gillian Hurley
Gordon Craig
Grant Kerr & Maggie Barry
Hamish Coney
Hayden Wano and Clare McComb
Heather & Rupert Froude
Ingrid Vercammen

Janine Evans
John & Lynda Matthews
John Wyke
John & Karen Eagles
John McCormack
Johnathan & Lisajane Koea
Jonathan Rutherfurd Best
Ken & Jennifer Horner
Kent Gardner & Ngaere Duff
Kinsley Sampson
Margaret Milne & Max Dick
Marg & Colin Comber
Marilyn Davies
Michael & Bernie Radich
Michael Fancourt & Elizabeth Wright
Mike Makein
Neil Barber & Craig Hay
Patrick Cameron & Randy Buckley
Patty & John Kilpatrick
Paul & Gillian Kendrick
Paul Evans

Phil & Robyn Hinton
Rachel & Michael Perrett
Rachel Donald & Brad Dannefaerd
Renelle Gronert
Rob Clubley & Alana Ruakere
Robert Angus & Ingrid Palm
Robyn Marshall & Philip Pryde
Sarah & Brady Gibbons
Sarah Buist
Shelley & Paul Carrington
Sue Gardiner
Sue Kelly
Susan Hughes
Terry Boon
Terry Parkes & John Leuthart
Therese & Tony Waghorn
Tony Chamberlain
Vanessa Bruton
Zara Stanhope

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